Unibet Casino enters the South American market

Unibet Casino continues its global expansion, with black in America being the next target. unibetlogoThey’ve got the resources, experience and now the drive to conquer new frontiers.

This means great news for the fans of online poker, casino games and even sports.

There is no gambling niche that the group is unlikely to cover, so those who sign up enjoy the best of both worlds.

In order to establish a firm beachhead on the new continent, the casino has signed a partnership with American Football team The Corinthians Steamrollers.

These guys are affiliated with Brazil’s powerhouse football club Sport Club Corinthians Paulistas, who fight for the trophy in their country.

The team has plenty of fans in Brazil and some of them are expected to experience the thrills of gambling. Bo would make the obvious choice for those who haven’t tried casino games yet but are willing to give them a go.

Unibet Casino brand’s PR Director, Ed Pownall was the one to break the news after he commented on the new expansion. He told the media that the company he represents is very excited to team up with such a major brand, which enjoys coverage in both continents.

In North America, it is American football that makes the club popular, while in Brazil, soccer reigns supreme. The fact that the same brand will grant them access to two large markets means a great deal for the gambling group.

In order to start on the right foot, Unibet Casino will run several promotions and the most important one is centered on the Touchdown Tournament. The gambling group is already well versed in the art of covering sports and has a lot of experience with American football. Fans of the sport who reside outside US borders can also bet on the events, while they play casino games.

As the casino tries to expand its international presence, this kind of agreement will benefit them greatly as well as their new partners.

The Steamrollers and their fans are also enthusiastic about this agreement and some have announced their intention to play. The funding that the team will receive as well as the advertising will help drive more people to the stadium when they play their home games.

This is a place that will celebrate 90 years of existence next year and can accommodate up to 14,000 people.