MrGreen Casino Casino wins the hearts of Scandinavian players in 2015

Scandinavian Mr Green casino players are not that difficult to please, but they know that they mrgLogoare entitled to the best services and have plenty of options.

Despite the fact that populations of Norway, Sweden and Finland represents a tiny minority of all European gamblers, these nations were among the promoters of online gambling on a continental scale.

Some of the best software developers are located here, including Net Entertainment, which have some of the best looking and most lucrative progressive jackpot.

Not only software developers mushroomed in Sweden and Norway, but also online casinos and those who open their online stores early, are now reaping the benefits. MrGreen Casino didn’t have the advantage of being among the first to serve the local players, but it learned valuable lessons from the mistakes of its predecessors.


When the website was officially launched, they had all the tools necessary to close the gap separating them from the leaders and are now regarded as the innovators.
They also have the merit of pushing mobile gambling into overdrive while encouraging Swedish players to use their smartphones and tablets more often than ever before.

The partnership with Net Entertainment definitely helps them, because the software developer is responsible for creating dozens of new mobile friendly games every year. Obviously, there are also powering other European casinos, including some the company is located in Sweden, so the competition is intense.

It can be pretty difficult to fight a war on several fronts, especially when your competitors can outspend you and have an impressive track record. MrGreen Casino knew that in order to rise to prominence, it had to contemplate different avenues and made the most of introductory offers, occasional bonuses and campaigns.

Their promotions are some of the most generous we found over the Internet, so is hardly a coincidence that the 2015 they emerged as the preferred casino for Swedish players.
It is not a small achievement to rank as high in the preference list and if they can maintain this track record in 2016, the future looks truly bright.

Competitive bonuses are at the cornerstone of their success and beginners are reaping most of the benefits, with bundles that include cash prizes and free spins. Slot machine enthusiasts are more interested in the latter, because they can be used in a straightforward manner and only the profits are subject wagering requirements.

MrGreen Casino  is also one of the operators that don’t hesitate to push the envelope and promote exclusive competitions such as tournament for slot machines. Traditionally, only table games and occasionally video pokers could be played in this format, but this doesn’t mean that players didn’t respond positively to the challenge.

They compete against the random number generator but also against their peers, so they don’t rely exclusively on luck and need to use the best possible strategy to win.