GameTwist braces for intense competition in 2016

The last couple of years have been particularly difficult for new online casinos, as mergers and gametwist_logo_204acquisitions made the industry even tougher.

There is no reason to expect 2016 to be any easier and that’s why GameTwist is ready to take preventive measures.

It will expand to other countries and has already signed a couple of lucrative partnerships with top software developers, so their collection of games will almost double by the end of the year.

There is no shortage of challenges in the upcoming months and the thing that everyone is talking about is a possible merger between 888 and William Hill. This will come as a surprise, given the fact that last year some top company decided to follow the same strategy, in order to consolidate their customer base.

These two gambling giants are already dominating many niches in the casino industry and their merger will further enhanced competition.


GameTwist has no intention to forsake its freedom, just for the sake of appealing to more customers overnight. Instead, the online casino has a coherent strategy and its plan is to gradually expanded to new jurisdictions, by pursuing organic growth.

At the same time, it adds new games and will no longer rely on a handful of software developers, but is signing partnerships with ambitious producers of slot machines.

Meanwhile, those who are actively involved in the casino industry as well as players are paying attention to the Bloomberg business news. The rumors about a merger between 888 and William Hill are increasingly numerous and it is very likely that consolidation will continue this year. There is already a trend in place that is actually the result of local governments increasing the taxes on the casino industry.

That’s why, so many online gambling operators need to team up to maintain their dominant position in various countries and also to conserve their profit margin. 888 has plenty of customers and that’s why the acquisition by William Hill is going to post some unique challenges. The discussion started back in 2015 and at some point it seemed like it was only a matter of time until William Hill will take over.

One of the reasons for why this bill didn’t materialize is that the 888 shares have risen significantly and the double digit growth prompted new negotiations.

At the time of writing, the market value of 888 revolves around $1 billion, a huge amount that makes the company more appealing. Meanwhile, Scandinavian operators are also contemplating a potential merger and Betsson and Unibet are the most likely candidates for such an agreement.

In the environment of online gambling, both these companies rank within top 10 and that’s why such a decision to team up with have a significant impact in the gaming industry. Paddy Power to go over Betfair Group last year and after this process was complete the stock price went up, so past performance is quite encouraging.