5Dimes Casino revamps and expands its welcome offer

5Dimes Casino has more table games for its members than ever before, including versions of 5Dimesblackjack and roulette that can be played against real dealers.

For those who gamble here, the experience is virtually identical to being in a brick-and-mortar casino with several other benefits.

In the absence of any technical obstacles and glitches hurting the gaming experience, players are unlikely to look elsewhere for gaming options. That’s why the casino found this to be the best time to focus on the introductory bonuses.

Many things have changed at this casino over the course of time and all the modifications were for the better. Something that wasn’t altered in a long time in the introductory bonus, but the new 5Dimes Casino press release changes all that. New customers are now eligible for the biggest bonus ever awarded by the gambling group, one that has crossed the realm into four digit territory. €1010 is up for grabs and all new players who sign up for an account can claim a part of this sum or the entire amount.

This is a one-time opportunity and that’s why it’s very important to do everything by the book to grab the entire amount. FIRST300 is the promotional code that should be used to become eligible for the bonus worth 125% the amount deposited. This applies to the first bonus and in order to unlock the entire bonus, players would have to make several deposits in a relatively quick succession. Other bonus codes need to be used down the road, but the system is equally fast and straightforward.

5Dimes Casino has the reputation of playing by the rules and those who gamble here can expect to get the money they are entitled to. By respecting the terms and conditions and using the correct bonus code when loading their account, players eliminate any risks. There were no instances of people not getting the money they deserve after claiming bonuses and no changes are expected this time around. In fact, the new introductory offer will also make players eligible for cashback deals during the first two weeks.

The reasons for why the casino chose to overhaul its introductory bonus were not stated but are easy to guess. They want to expand their customer base even further, now that the existing community of players is hooked to their strong gambling product.